Five Modern Technologies 'The Jetsons' Accurately Predicted 60 Years Ago

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Five Modern Technologies 'The Jetsons' Accurately Predicted 60 Years Ago

In honor of George Jetson's birthday, we take a look at all the current technologies Hanna-Barbera accurately anticipated when the show was created in 1962.

The Lede

While the show is well known for robot maids, flying cars, and cool hats worn by Elroy, "The Jetsons" did have a lot of cool tech that would end up being real. PC Magazine picked the five best (and most accurate) predictions the writers and animators of the show got right back in the early '60s.

Key Details

  • Video calls were in the show (maybe not on retro looking TVs but still)
  • Robot personal assistants (they should be sassier like Rosie, honestly)
  • George had a smartwatch! They nailed that one
  • 3D printing, especially for food and meals
  • Space tourism is taking off in 2022, but was a staple on the show


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